Welcome to a safe space to focus on YOU!

I believe everybody deserves to be happy, fulfilled and at peace. Life is too short to feel any other way.

I help people Ignite their Purpose, Embrace their Peace and Live in Prosperity. 

If you are checking all the "SUCCESS" boxes and still feel stuck, dread the day or feel like there has to be more to life, you are in the right place! If you crave inner peace and connection I've got you!  

You work hard (maybe too hard). You put everyone and everything first. You are often tired, stressed out, and not putting your dreams or passions first.  I've been there. I'm here to remind you that you are worthy of living the life you want and to guide you there!


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Positive Psychology

PosPsych is a scientifically researched approach to life. It focuses on what makes life living and overall wellbeing so we can build a life where we can THRIVE!

We learn to set and achieve goals in a way that works for us by using our own individual strengths, passions, values and desires. We will bring harmony and joy and fulfillment back into your life.

Because it is backed by science and researched, the interventions, assessment and exercises have been proven to be effective. It's an amazing approach to happiness and fulfillment.




Another modality I offer is Breathwork. This practice allows us to connect with our mind and body. It is a healing modality that has many emotional, spiritual and physical benefits. It creates a safe space to connect with our emotions, be present and develop an understanding of who we are.
Physical benefits include an increase in lung capacity, improvement to our immune system, balanced blood pressure, reduction of stress and anxiety and boost our positive emotions.


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Improve Wellbeing
Break the cycle of unconstructive thoughts, actions and behaviors for optimal wellness, happiness and fulfillment.
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Utilize Strengths
Understand your strengths and learn how to utilize them in all aspects of your life. Reconnect with yourself and focus on the attributes that make you, well, YOU!
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Set Meaningful Goals
Map out the life YOU want and set the plan to create it.
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Perform Better
Happier, fulfilled and balanced people reach higher levels of success - on THEIR terms!     
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“Working with Kira is a balance of reality and optimism. She is a mix of your new best friend and sports coach: open, comforting but tough and gently pushing forward at the same time. She will get you where you want to be!"

- Sarah M.

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“Kira just gets it. She understood what I was going through. She gave me a safe place to put myself first, focus on me and what I actually want out of life. I feel so much better about myself and how to navigate difficult situations in a healthier way that doesn't hold me back."

- Jessica H. 

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“I have a very successful career that I love overall. I couldn't figure out why I still felt so stressed, unhappy and was dreading every day. Kira had the tools to help me feel unstuck and to take actions that brought balance into my life."

- Sharon N.